Nathan's Point

A modern-era proto-freelance H0 scale layout with a NSW terminal and regional theme.

The layout is a point-to-point design with the open staging yard being the main yard (Jonestown) of the layout and comprising of a basic loco facility, intermodal terminal, grain receival terminal and a passenger station.

From the yard, the mainline (or in this case the branchline) operates through a grain loading town (Heidiville) and then continues onto the terminus town (Nathans Point) which is also a grain town and includes a regional intermodal terminal, passenger station, and small steel distribution centre.

There is no hidden staging, with all trains operating with an on-layout purpose.

Follow along as the layout finally gets closer to reality during 2018 and 2019!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The New Nathan's Point

It has been along time between posts, and I have been happily focused on my prototype blog Rollingstock News for the past few years, although I am very keen to get back into the modelling.  

Since my last post, the old Wills St layout was set up, powered, and the mainlines were operated on DCC for a couple of years.  The round and round nature of the exhibition layout didn't really fill the void for me, so I was more than happy to part with it to a fellow modeller down the coast who I believe has it set up and operating in DCC. 

With my shed having been empty for more than 12 months, I decided I needed to get cracking while I had  a chance.  Over the January 2018 period I managed to complete all the benchwork in the shed, and then life got busy again, so everything went on the backburner for a while.  

In the last week I have taken delivery of a large roll of cork and a lot of track and points, with the intention of commencing track laying in August.

I intend on going back a posting details about my benchwork, but for now, as as introduction, below are a few present day photos of the shed and layout planning.

An overall shot of the layout shed from the access door.  Length is 9.8m and width is about 3.8m.  The bottom right is the terminus Nathans Point and the far left wall is the main yard terminal of Jonestown.  With the large peninsular, mainline runs are nice and long.  

A bit of planning for the grain receival terminal at Jonestown.  The mainline will come around the wall and loop into Jonestown Yard in the foreground.  Grain trains will need to be broken up into smaller portions to be unloaded, similar to what happens at Graincorp Carrington.

The terminal of Nathans Point with a small intermodal terminal on the edge and a simple country platform against the wall.  A removable bridge will be built to allow continuous running at times, but is not part of the operational plan.  

The town of Nathans Point, with a mainline, loop, and grain loop.  The layout is designed for trains of about 4m in length as a maximum.  Modern era trains will feature prominently on the layout, especially SSR and PN.  


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  1. I really like the ultra modern operational concept, any chance you could out line some of the Jobs? Such as SSR job to X, might give others a feel of what you are trying to achieve, complexity etc.
    Looking real good, and you have allocated plenty of Aisle space.

    thanks Scott