Nathan's Point

A modern-era proto-freelance H0 scale layout with a NSW terminal and regional theme.

The layout is a point-to-point design with the open staging yard being the main yard (Jonestown) of the layout and comprising of a basic loco facility, intermodal terminal, grain receival terminal and a passenger station.

From the yard, the mainline (or in this case the branchline) operates through a grain loading town (Heidiville) and then continues onto the terminus town (Nathans Point) which is also a grain town and includes a regional intermodal terminal, passenger station, and small steel distribution centre.

There is no hidden staging, with all trains operating with an on-layout purpose.

Follow along as the layout finally gets closer to reality during 2018 and 2019!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It has been a while since I last posted on this Blog - progress has been pretty slow but I did take some photos recently inside the shed. 
Down one side I have a selection of number boards which I have legally aquired through my job or swapped or purchased from others. 
The other side has 12 of my photos taken in the Southern Highlands between Bargo and Burradoo.
I recently had 6 x double batten flouros installed (as well as power) and the shed is a whole lot nicer now! 
As I may have mentioned in earier posts, I am converting an old layout from DC to DCC.  Essentially I've cut back all the wiring to just the droppers and have run a then connected these to two bus wires.  I'm not sure if I will run a DCC bus around the layout as I have put an aerial on a roof span and all my throttles are wireless.
So far I have rewired the three section fiddle yard and the farm (Rick's Rock) section.  I have left the frogs unpowered for now but do have a Hex Frog Juicer to try out.  I am also working on a suitable manual turnout control arrangement for the fiddle yard as there are about 30 points all up and I'm not keen on wiring up Tortoises.  The fiddle yard desparately needs a backdrop to give it some depth.
The plan is to get the main line operable before Christmas.  Easier said than done as I have removed about 1 meter from the width of the layout at both ends, meaning I need to carry out major surgury to connect the main lines from the fiddle yard to the display sections.   
A job that will be done soon is the facia repaint - into Wisconsin Central maroon!
Stay tuned...