Nathan's Point

A modern-era proto-freelance H0 scale layout with a NSW terminal and regional theme.

The layout is a point-to-point design with the open staging yard being the main yard (Jonestown) of the layout and comprising of a basic loco facility, intermodal terminal, grain receival terminal and a passenger station.

From the yard, the mainline (or in this case the branchline) operates through a grain loading town (Heidiville) and then continues onto the terminus town (Nathans Point) which is also a grain town and includes a regional intermodal terminal, passenger station, and small steel distribution centre.

There is no hidden staging, with all trains operating with an on-layout purpose.

Follow along as the layout finally gets closer to reality during 2018 and 2019!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Progress at Heidiville

Progress has been steady on the town of Heidiville over the last week, with a few hours put in over the weekend and an hour in the morning and evening before and after work.  Here are a few photos showing progress.  

Most of the cork is down and the track arrangement is being planned.

The main and loop are pretty much confirmed but the grain loop is a work in progress.

The train is all down for Heidiville (left side of the peninsular), and the 'blob' infront has been trimmed up.  Inside the blob will likely be a rural town, with the mainline starting a climb on the left side of the scene divider.

Droppers installed and getting ready for a morning of soldering (and a good burn too!)

The Heidiville panel.  This is an improvement on the Nathans Point panel as this has LED lighting installed to show the route.  Green is for the main and yellow for the loop or diverging route.  Only the main has Tortoise point motors and the rest are manually operate with the Peco spring still installed.  This is only a temporary panel as I printed the design out on some A4 paper and glued it direct to a bit of 3mm craft board.  I did the track plan in Excel.

The next section being worked on is the climb between Heidiville and the large yard at Jonestown.  This will rise about 70mm over 3.5m creating a decent climb for loaded trains, before dropping again back to level ground.  The single line main will pass through hills and valleys for about 8m, although I have two locations eyed-off for main line loading (one grain and one container pad).    

Tonight we had a short running session between Nathans Point and Heidiville with a grain train, a gas tank transfer, a steel shunt and a passenger service.  


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  1. Hi Chris

    I'm curious about what length train, and with what power, will climb the 1:50 gradient? I have my fingers crossed that I can get 8m long, two loco intermodals up a 1:90 that incorporates two tight-ish curves.