Nathan's Point

A modern-era proto-freelance H0 scale layout with a NSW terminal and regional theme.

The layout is a point-to-point design with the open staging yard being the main yard (Jonestown) of the layout and comprising of a basic loco facility, intermodal terminal, grain receival terminal and a passenger station.

From the yard, the mainline (or in this case the branchline) operates through a grain loading town (Heidiville) and then continues onto the terminus town (Nathans Point) which is also a grain town and includes a regional intermodal terminal, passenger station, and small steel distribution centre.

There is no hidden staging, with all trains operating with an on-layout purpose.

Follow along as the layout finally gets closer to reality during 2018 and 2019!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Laying Cork and Track - Nathans Point

Nathans Point station is the 0.00km mark on my layout which is a bit unconventional since most terminus locations are the end of the line.  Well, this is the start of the line in my book and it is also where I am starting the track laying.  While the layout isn't a TOMA, I intend on working on Nathans Point (all 8m of it) until we have fully operational track and maybe a bit of scenery.  

I have been laying 3mm cork, cut from a 1220mm wide roll.  A good straight edge and a sharp box-cutter knife are essential.  I am using a piece of aluminium angle as the straight edge which is the perfect width for HO scale trackbed.  

Nathans Point arrives as a single mainline and splits into three tracks (main, loop and grain).  The end of these sidings is a couple of sets of crossovers to allow cross over movements.  The main moves are for the passenger service to come off the main and run into the platform.  Off the loop end is the intermodal terminal.  

The main is designed to be a dead end, but I will build a bridge across the doorway for continuous running at times.  It won't come out for operating sessions, but will be good to get some kays under the belt of new wagons and locos before they go on the roster.  

So far I have laid a few metres of track and the 5 turnouts at the southern end of the yard.  The photos show the intended use of the sidings.  

I still need to install and wire up some tortoises for the crossovers, but that shouldn't take too long.  

Things are progressing well!

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  1. Now that's what I call a roll of cork. Looks like Portugals 2018 supply!