Nathan's Point

A modern-era proto-freelance H0 scale layout with a NSW terminal and regional theme.

The layout is a point-to-point design with the open staging yard being the main yard (Jonestown) of the layout and comprising of a basic loco facility, intermodal terminal, grain receival terminal and a passenger station.

From the yard, the mainline (or in this case the branchline) operates through a grain loading town (Heidiville) and then continues onto the terminus town (Nathans Point) which is also a grain town and includes a regional intermodal terminal, passenger station, and small steel distribution centre.

There is no hidden staging, with all trains operating with an on-layout purpose.

Follow along as the layout finally gets closer to reality during 2018 and 2019!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Layout - Wills St

Welcome to the first entry of my Model Train Blog. Many viewers would know my Blogging from 'Rollingstock News' -

I didn't think I would be writing about a layout so soon (especially considering I have no room for one), but an opportunity came up on Ebay a few weeks back to purchase a well know HO scale layout - Wills St (owned by AMRA Vic Branch).

I saw this layout operating at Caulfield this year and was quite impressed with the design and quality, although I didn't think I would ever own it. I have included a few shots I took at Caulfield.

A new chapter of Wills St starts here. During October the plan is to move the layout to NSW and story it at a suitable location for at least a few months while a shed is built or we move house. Once up, the layout will be wired for DCC, and renamed 'Nathans Point'. The goal is to have everything up and running by mid 2011, with operating sessions following soon after.

Nathans Point is derived from my son's name, and Stevens Point, which is a major yard on the former Wisconsin Central (WC). Obviously the layout will be based on the WC in the mid 1990s.

The plan is to regularly update the Blog when various milestones are reached. It might be a bit quiet while the layout is in storage!! I'll try and put up some kit building or weathering Blogs.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy my life changing purchase!

The EBAY screen shot from 27th Sept 2010.

Track Diagram

Staging Yard - Photo from AMRA.

(Photo from AMRA)

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  1. Wow, Chris--you're certainly going "all in" on the US modeling! If there's anything I can do to help you out on this end of the pond, let me know. This is a big, big purchase and looks like a fine railway! Does that mean your NSW modeling will be taking a backseat now?